This blog is dedicated to The Scream Cast: A Slasher Podcast! While this podcast started strictly as a show about MTV’s Scream, we have since expanded to additionally discuss FOX’s Scream Queens as well as the occasional slasher film. I’m Dan, your host, and along with my rotating co-hosts (Nare, Olga, Trevor and Jesse) I’ve set out to make a fun and critical show about all things horror. Please send us feedback through twitter @ScreamPod or send us an email at thescreamcast@gmail.com. Hope you enjoy the podcast!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I was listening to your episode on the 1996 version of scream… At no point in the movie does anybody call Matthew Lillard’s character Stewie… Why do you guys insist on calling him that? His name is Stu


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